Crane Canyon Equestrian Center is a 23-acre, private horse ranch in Sonoma County. We are proud of our commitment to providing high-quality services and tender, loving care to all of our horses. We have highly skilled and helpful people on-site and a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment. As one owner put it,

Crane Canyon Equestrian Center (CCEC) is owned and supported by committed and caring individuals who have long standing Sonoma and Marin County non-profit, private, and public-sector experience.

The culture and horse care philosophy at CCEC is based on natural horsemanship and humane, resistance free training methods. 

The existing horse facility on Crane Canyon Road was purchased by its current owners in 2016. They are dedicated to high quality accomodations and care at the ranch, while preserving the natural, open beauty of the pastures and sunset views.

Crane Canyon is also home to a remarkable horse rescue organization that is dedicated to a high level of care for horses who are in need. The Sonoma Equine Rescue Rehab and Adoption (SERRA) barn provides care, shelter and rehabilitation. Under their extraordinary leadership, and with a network of dedicated volunteers, SERRA has saved the lives of many horses and through adoption, found them their forever homes.

We looking forward to continuing to create a peaceful, happy and high quality experience at the ranch and we are so glad that our horse boarding community is on this journey with us. We encourage you to contact us at if you have any questions, or suggestions or even just to say hello.  

Our best to you and your horses, from all of us at Crane Canyon Equestrian Center!


"We want Crane Canyon Equestrian Center to be that place that people can't wait to get to and hate to leave. We want it to feel like home for both horses and people."