Crane Canyon Equestrian Center is located at the gateway to the beautiful, scenic Bennett Valley. Our 23-acre private horse boarding facility provides a safe, happy, and healthy home for horses. We provide pastures for excellent small group turnout and our stall options include generous, well-maintained paddocks. We offer a family-friendly environment with a diverse group of horsemen and women covering an array of experience levels and enjoying a variety of horseback riding disciplines.


At Crane Canyon Equestrian Center, we're known for our "TLC" and our Equine Care Team is committed to the highest standards of quality care for every horse at the ranch. We're a low drama, high support community based on mutual respect and friendship. We have horses ranging in age from very young, to very senior, and we provide a variety of services to meet the equine care needs of our boarders. 

Crane Canyon Equestrian Center strives to be that place that people can't wait to get to and hate to leave. We want it to feel like home for both horses and people!

Conveniently located on Crane Canyon Road in Santa Rosa