Now accepting new boarders! Conveniently located on Crane Canyon Road in Santa Rosa

  • Feed Orchard Grass, Alfalfa, 80/20 mix (3 flakes per day)
  • Highly experienced onsite management and staff
  • Committed to the physical, mental and emotional health of every horse in our care
  • Conveniently located close to Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Penngrove, Cotati, Petaluma and Novato
  • Ranch Farrier  We can recommend a farrier or you can use the farrier of your choice
  • Artaurus Veterinary Clinic Dr. Robert Steere & Dr. Amber Johnson or the vet of your choice
Boarding Rates 
Include daily small group turnout (provided at the discretion of CCEC management who have the expertise to evaluate weather and pasture conditions), daily stall/paddock cleaning, daily well-being check, feed 3x per day (up to 3 flakes) and 2x per day basic supplement delivery (you provide the portioned & bagged supplements, we feed.) We also provide fly mask services at no charge.
  • 16 ft Pipe shelter w/large paddock                 $595 per month
  • Stall w/large paddock and shavings               $575 per month
  • Pipe shelter w/large paddock                          $550 - $575 per month - Shavings available/additional charge
  • Large dry lot with shelter                                $525 per month
  • Limited number of larger stall/paddock accomodations available. Please inquire for rates.
 Concierge Services
  • Blanketing (provided at the discretion of CCEC management who have the expertise to evaluate weather conditions and individual horse needs)         $60 per month
  • Fly sheet                                                                $50 per month
  • Worming                                                               $20 plus cost of wormer
  • Farrier/Vet handling                                           $25 per service
  • Medication delivery oral/or topical                 $5 per service
  • Additional service packages including grooming, bathing, ground exercise, etc. are available
  • Full-Care packages for retirement horses are available
  • Full-Care packages for vacations, extended leave or other circumstances are available 
 Trailer Storage  
  • Limited Trailer storage is available for our boarders.  Trailers must be clean and in good operating condition
  • Guests Daily Trailer-In                                     $20 per day/per horse. Holding pens are available
  • Boarder Daily Trailer-In                                  No Fee


Training is available onsite: Please check the Training Tab for more information.